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Wednesday, July 20, 1998 - updated @ 5:13 PM PDT
Closing Time... - By Lag
This is my final update that I will post here at Q2Press. What can I say? It was fun, thats for sure. But I will be back in a few weeks with my new QuakeArena site that will launch on its own domain. (check back for a forward page) Before I close the site, I would like to thank the Gamers Alliance staff for their encouragement and support. A special thanks goes out to Dyno, for all of the exellent graphics that he always provided. Secondly, I would like to thank MuuMuu and illusion for all of the help they provided around the site. And last but not least, you the readers. Thanks guys, im out!

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Sunday, July 19, 1998

PQ Editorial: testing, testing - By Lag
The latest PQ article, testing, testing takes a look at one of the reasons behind the problems that afflicted Quake II and Unreal when they were first released.

Chaos DM - By Lag
Chaos DM v1.02 has been released on their homepage.

PQ Mailbag - By Lag
John sent word that the PQ Mailbag has been posted featuring patches, bugs, spam, cables, spam, chicken, spam, eggs, sausage, spam, beans and spam...

Saturday, July 18, 1998

Carmack + Cash + QA= CPL Even - By Lag
I read on Redwood's that John Carmack and John Cash will be at the CPL event to talk about QuakeArena.

Quake2000 QA Site - By Lag is a new QuakeArena site. Check it out. Saw this on sCary's.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

LMCTF TE Reviewed - By Lag
Wow, thats a mouthfull! illusion has posted his review of Lokis Minions CTF Tournament Edition. If you haven't downloaded version 4.0 yet, you will soon find out why you should. The review contains screenshots and download locations.

Also, when your done reading the LMCTF TE review, check out all of our other reviews!

The Replacement.. - By Lag
I read on sCary's who saw on Redwood's that id Software has found Barrett "Bear" Alexander's replacement. Her name is Katherine Anna Kang. Here's her bio straight from id:

    Rank: Director of Business Development
    Mission: Business... what else?
    Active Duty: 1998-present
    Special Training: UCLA Drop out. Served time in companies with strange names.
    Background: Yep, I have a back. I'm not sure about the ground... I'll get back to you on that.
    Off-Duty: There is NO off-duty!
    Quote: Why can't we all just get along!? Anyone got an extra rocket or two?

Hmmm, Katherine Anna Kang? She has the same last name as me, weird. =]

Carmack .plan - By Lag
John Carmack updated his .plan about Rhapsody:

    Right now, I think WindowsNT is the best place to do graphics development work, but if the 3D acceleration issue was properly addressed on rhapsody, I think that I could be happy using it as my primary development platform.

    I ported the current Quake codebase to rhapsody to test out conix's beta OpenGL. The game isn't really playable with the software emulated OpenGL, but it functions properly, and it makes a fine dedicated server.

    We are going to try to stay on top of the portability a little better for QA. Quake 2 slid a bit because we did the development on NT instead of NEXTSTEP, and that made the irix port a lot more of a hassle than the original glquake port.

    I plan on using the rhapsody system as a dedicated server during development, and Brian will be using an Alpha-NT system for a lot of testing, which should give us pretty good coverage of the portability issues.

RA2 Reviewed - By Lag
The Video Games Palace has posted their review of Rocket Arena 2.

Dear Mynx - By Lag
This week's Dear Mynx is up, featuring problems with sexy moms, best friends with homosexual urges, ugly old net girlfriends from hell, how Quake kills sex lives, Romero's marital status and vitamin enrichment... Thanks to John of TheCoven for the news.

ReconWars - By Lag
ReconWars is a new deathmatch modification that is based upon player classes and other features. Check it out. Thanks again to John.

New QBS - By Lag
Version 1.03 of QBS, the program that automatically checks for updated sites and .plan's has been released for download. Go pick it up from their site. Thanks to tANG of

Quick Poll? - By Lag
Hmm, im thinking about adding a little quick poll to the top of the page where the fingers and hosted sites are listed. What do you think? mail me

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

LMCTF Tournament Edition Released! - By Lag
Lokis Minions CTF Tournament Edition has been released! Head on over to their site to read about all of the features.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Deathmatch Database - By Lag
The Deathmatch Database has now opened it's Clan listing, already including over 300 clans. The database is now fully searchable and is accepting new entries. Check it out!

Quakeworld Beta v2.29 - By Lag
Zoid has released a public beta version of Quakeworld v2.29, read on:

    Jul 13th/1998

    I've released a public BETA of QuakeWorld 2.29. This release is not compatible with previous versions. Please note that this is a beta only release and not meant for general use.

    You may get the BETA from:

    This 2.29 BETA release contains servers and clients for Windows (Win32) and Linux i386 ONLY.

    I'm looking for bug reports and suggestions about this new release. This 2.29 version should address the problems that were present in the 2.21 release. Once the beta test is finished (length depends on what problems are found, etc), I will release a 2.30 public version.

    Here is the list of changes:

    - 2.1 movement code mostly restored, but sv_friction is still 4 (like NQ) and the gravity application matches NQ. This should fix some bugs on maps people saw in 2.21 and fix some other errors. - Complete rewrite of the reliable data handling. NO MORE OVERFLOWS. - Client to Server (from you to the server) data is about 25% less bandwidth using delta compression. This means you can bump up your cl_maxfps by about 20%. This will have a minor impact on lag. - QuakeWorld now allows one external command packet until server connection. This makes QPlug work again as well as older versions of QuakeSpy/GameSpy. - In GLQWCL, the size of the eyes.mdl is double sized. In GL, the default eyes model was much, much harder to see than in software. This should help even it out. - New spectator camera. A 'through the eyes' view of the player you are tracking. To enable this, type "cl_chasecam 1" when in spectator mode and chasing a player.

    /// Zoid.

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