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  • Quake2 v3.15 - 1MB
    The latest version of Quake2. Download this file if you already have Quake2 v3.14 installed on your computer.

  • Quake2 3.x to 3.14 - 9MB
    Upgrade from any previous version. Also includes DM maps

  • Quake2 v3.14 DEMO - 38MB
    Quake2 demo. If you have the time to download 39MB for the demo, go buy the game.

    Server Browsers
  • GameSpy 1.52 - 1MB
    THE best program to search for playable servers for 3D games on the net.

  • QView 5.0 BETA - 129KB
    Currently supports QuakeWorld, Quake2, Hexen, and Hexen II.

  • Pingtool 1.7 - MB
    A program to check your ping.

    NOTE: See our Featured Maps section for reviews of maps!

  • id Mega Maps - 7MB
    The Mega Maps Pack. See the review!

  • Death is Not Worth Trying by Yooshin Yang - 462KB
    Single player map. See the review!

  • Incarceration by Greg Barr - 1MB
    Single player map. See the review!

  • Rocket Arena 2 - 12.9MB
    Exellent Multiplayer mod. Get the server side files here. You will also need the VWEP Patch.

  • Loki's Minions CTF v3.0 - 17876KB
    Cool CTF Mod.

  • Quake2 CTF v1.02 - 5429KB
    Quake2 CTF version 1.02.

  • JailBreak v2.0 - 9404KB
    Team based modification. For more info, visit the JailBreak Homepage.

  • Cry Havoc v2.10 - 2.41MB
    Class-based mod where players can choose from eight different classes which include: Sniper, Soldier, Navy Seal, Rocket Man, Sapper, Techy, Vampire, and Rigger. Get the additional custom cfg's by Jaz, here. Also, the GameSpy tab, here.

  • Eraser Bot v0.94 Patch v0.9+ to v0.94 - 190KB
    Excellent DM/teamplay bot with options for CTF, VWep, etc. See for yourself!

  • Flame Bot - 120KB
    Flame Bot

  • CR Bot v1.14 - 183KB
    One of the most advanced Quake2 bots I have heard of, and it works with v3.14.

    Editing Utilities
  • QE Radiant - 544KB
    Robert Duffy's hired by id. Supposedly it's that good... It's the editor that may go above WorldCraft in popularity.

  • Qoole 2.45 - 2018KB
    Full support for Entity property editing. Allows you to make colored lightning and other cool effects. This is a windows based program.

  • QuMa 1.6 - 236KB
    Standard W95 interface. Edit/Create Quake, Quake2, Hexen2, and the Quake2 mission packs.

  • Quake2 3.14 source -1403KB
    Quake2 v3.14 source code. Be sure to read the EULA carefully.

  • WorldCraft 1.6 Upgrade - 1675KB
    WorldCraft patch from 1.3 to 1.6; requires the full version of WorldCraft.

  • 3 Fingers' Quake2 Tweak Guide v1.12.01 - 45KB
    Tweak Quake2

  • Quake2 Modeller - 391KB
    Modify skin mesh just like the 3D editor, by selecting, moving, scaling and rotating vertices or faces. Load skins from .PSX files.

  • GATEWAY Skin
  • Santa Clause Skin
  • Black Vest Commando
  • Quake2 Background
  • Quake2 Font
  • Winamp

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