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Hosting - Don't be shy, email me about your Quake2 site for hosting!

Send hosting requests to, lag@gagames.com. You will recieve a yes/no answer within a few days.

We are looking for sites that cover any aspect of Quake2. Such as, Map making, Quake2 playing tactics, Total Conversions, Modifications, Q2 Art, Q2 Skins, or Q2 Files. Basically, anything Quake2.


  • You must place the GA ad code on all of your pages.
  • You must dislplay the Gamers Alliance button somewhere promanent on your main page.
  • You Get:
  • Unlimited storage space, used respectivly.
  • A Pop3 email account or forwarding address of your choice. (Alias)
  • The URL of, http://yourname.quake2press.com
  • Access to CGI. (i.e. Forums, Poll scripts, etc.)
  • Counters for any or all of your pages. There are many different styles to choose from.

  • Send hosting requests to, lag@gagames.com.

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