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Links - Other sites worth checking out.

Gamers Alliance

Gamers Alliance is the home to serveral other gaming sites that bring you good information and news. If you have a unique gaming site that is looking to be hosted, send mail to hosting@gagames.com.

Mplayer Quake News

Indepth daily Quake2 news.

Quake2 Modem to Modem Guide

Instructions on setting up a modem to modem game.

Inside 3D

A site for all your Quake(2) editing needs. They have a few tutorials and help files to get you started.

Quake DevelS

This site is PACKED with Quake2 tutorials. Its a must visit.


A great Quake(2) art site. Many of the artworks featured here are from CO2.

Frag dot Com

A large Quake(2) site that hosts many other sites as well. They always have new articles to read, and have daily gaming news. They also have reviews of games, and interviews of people in the Quake scene.

Thresh and Kenn's Quake2 Bible

The champion of the PGL finals brings you Thresh and Kenn's Quake2 Bible. This site has tons of strategies for playing Quake2. Strategies for single player and multiplayer, and also info about weapons, items, and maps.

Slipgate Central

The Slipgate Central is THE resource for all Quake/Quake2 related sites. Search the whole database, or just a fraction, depending on what your looking for.

sCary's Shuga Shack

sCary's news is 3D Gaming news with a twist.

Blue's News

Blue's News is THE best Quake/Quake2 gaming site out there. It has constant updates throughout the day. Blue also does news about other games such as Jedi Knight and Unreal

Redwood's 3D News

Redwood's 3D News is one of the most comprehensive news sites on the net. Covering almost all games of the Quake/Quake2 and the Unreal engine, this site is a information powerhouse.


Once known as the Fault Line, this Quake2 site started it all. One of the first Quake2 sites born.

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