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All Q2Press artwork by Dyno,

Mod Reviews - Loki's Minions CTF v3.0

Why do people create MOD's? Very simply because they want something different and that's exactly what this MOD is. There are many capture the flag MOD's, but this sucker beats them out. There are tons of features that make it more game playable and team playable.

LM CTF Features:

  • Off-hand Grapple The most important feature in this is off-hand grapple. What the heck is that? Imagine grappling across a canyon while being able to shoot at someone at the same time? You can use any weapon and the grapple at the same time.

  • Team-radios - You can set sounds included in LM CTF that allow you to tell your team mates what's going on. Here is an example of "Base is clear!" (95k)

  • Artifacts - Artifact/Runes, they are the same type as in Three Wave CTF. There are four put into a level at start up and they help you if you pick them up.

      Resist - This allows enemy attacks to hurt you less.

      Haste - You can shoot much faster than normal.

      Regeneration - This will bring back your health and armor to a full amount. It doesn't do it all at once, it slowly goes up.

      Strength - My personal favorite which doubles your shooting strength. If you get the Quad say bye-bye to whoever is in the way of a rocket with 6x the damage. (just don't rocket jump with it :)

  • Maps - Lots of maps with more to come! Not only are there 10 maps made just for this mod, but it supports all Q2 single and deathmatch maps along with CTF II maps. How many is that? Almost too much. And currently the LM CTF team is reviewing new maps to include in the latest version. Expect more of the best maps for CTF that you've seen.

  • VWEP - This sweet thing will allow you too see what weapon other people have. Good for knowing if you should run from or shoot at an enemy. And if someone on your team doesn't have a good weapon, and you do then you can drop one for them as long as you know you have picked up two (this is a seperate download from LM CTF and should be downloaded).

  • Help - The tutorials included with this package is just great! It tells you all you need to know on setting up a server, setting team_radio sounds, and anything else you need help on.

  • Downloads - Ok, one bad thing is the big size download (17.4 megs). Yeah, it is a lot to download, but trust me it is worth it. And if you think it won't be safe for you downloading it all at once, then you can download it as 10 different files. The utility needed to uncompress it is included. Things you also might want are gamespy tabs and the VWEP.
  • I play this MOD almost everyday and it never gets boring. If you see me playing, say hi to me, illusion.

    Overall Rating: 92%

    LM CTF Files: (from LM CTF site and mirrors)
  • Client Side Files (17.4 mb) - This is the main thing you need to play. Alternative sites are here. And you can also download it in smaller files, see below.

  • Smaller Files - Instead of downloading it all in one big file, you can download it in 10 small files. They are in .arj format, and the utility to uncompress that is include (For some reason it didn't allow me 'anonymous user' to connect so I'll look into it) .

  • GameSpy Tab - Use this GameSpy tab to find servers specifically for LM CTF. Don't have GameSpy? Get it at our Files section!
  • LM CTF Screenshots:
  • Screenshots - What no screenshots? You know I couldn't leave those out, so click here to view them.
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    Reviewed by: illusion

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