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All Q2Press artwork by Dyno,

Mod Reviews - LM Tournament Edition

The best capture the flag MOD just got better. Loki's Minions Capture the Flag is now at version 4.0. This Tournament Edition adds 18 new features to make it even better than before.

I won't talk about any features that were in version 3.0, so if you want to know more about them check out the LMCTF 3.0 review.


  • Maps - This MOD will work with "Q2DM, Q2CTF, Thunderwalker2, Allstar2, & 41 Q2 single-player maps" not including the 20 maps included when you download it. 4.0 has 10 new maps over the 3.0 version just incase you happen to get bored with the others.

  • Models - There is support for clan models and skins making clan matches more fun.

    Click to see full size

    Click to see full size

  • New Skin Set - There is a new set of skins. It's the Army vs Marines. When a flag is captured a new sound plays for this perticular set. Just like in the Cops & Robbers set you heard the "Bad Boy's" song.

  • Compass - This nice tool will point you towards the enemy flag at all times. Need to find the flag carrier so you can assist them? Then this will come in very handy for you.

    Click to see full size

    Click to see full size

  • Chase Cam Positions - There are 4 different chase cam positions so you can see everything you want. Those positions are smooth action, over the shoulder, free floating, and the butt cam.It's a riot to watch defenders chasing a flag thief

  • Consol/Menu - There is a new background image for the consol along with images for the menu.

    Click to see full size

    Click to see full size

  • Save Your Score - When you accidently get disconnected in a good game you usually kick yourself in the butt because you lost your score. This new feature allows you to keep your score when you come back.

  • Referee Mode - You can be referee and have a temporary rcon and set stuff for the game. Set matches, kick people, freeze the game and more. Can be used to make teams fair or slow down the game for a bit.

    Click to see full size

    Click to see full size

    There are too many more features to talk about and I don't want to make this too long so you can can them out over at LMCTF Homepage. Since I used to play LM CTF atleast an hour daily, I expect to play this even more.

    More Screenshots:
    Want more screenshots to see more of the levels included in LMTE4.0? Then click here.

    Overall Rating: 95%

    LMTE 4.0 Files:

    These files are HUGE, but trust me it's worth it!
  • Client Side Files (19.5 MB) - LMTE 4.0, this upgrades 3.0 to 4.0. If you don't have v3.0 then see below.

  • Client Side Files (14.1 MB) - LM CTF 3.0, only get this if you've don't have it.(You need to get this first).

  • GameSpy Tab - Use this GameSpy tab to find servers specifically for this MOD. Don't have GameSpy? Get it at our Files section!
  • LMTE Links:
  • LMCTF Homepage - LMCTF's official homepage.

  • LMCTF News - A place to get news for LMCTF and LMTE.

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